The items listed are specifically designed for LittleFee but should  fit similarly sized YoSd BJDs. Check here for LTF sizing if you are unsure:
Please note - costs do not include shipping or insurance. I will calculate those charges after you order. (Be assured, I do NOT inflate shipping costs - I charge you what envelopes, postage and ins. costs me, nothing more) Also note: if you decide not to get ins., I am not resp. for lost or damaged packages.

Please see the fabric page to see what I have available.
Halter Dress: $15.00 This dress has two front flaps that tie behind the neck. The dress also closes in the back with a single snap. (bottom ruffle is an extra $1.50)

Sundress: $15.00 below are a few samples of sundresses I've made. Please let me know which style you are interested in (for extra bottom ruffle, and $1.50)

Short top with ribbon ties with extra ruffle

Full top with lace ruffle

Arched top with ribbon ties and exta ruffle
Straight top with fabric straps and exta ruffle

Fairy Dress: $20.00  sundress with ribbon neck ties, coordinating underskirt and ribbon and bead accents. It also has a single snap closure in the back.

 Layered Dress: $20.00  This dress made of four ruffled layers. You can choose any of the 'top' styles shown above under 'Sundress'
Pajamas: $22.00  Pajamas have matching top and leggings. The top closes with two snaps but the leggins just pull up. Please note - you need to select a knit fabric for these.

Nightgown: $15.00 This pretty sleep dress needs to be made out of knit fabric as there is no closure, it pulls over the dolls head - it is advised you take the faceplate off first ($3.00 for matching socks)

Corsette Dress: $25.00  These dresses have a waist that laces up with hand twisted loops and ribbon ties. You can choose a sweetheart top or off the shoulder lace/ribbon straps. The front of the skirt can be solid or have a slit up the front like drapes and there is a tulle underskirt.

This one has a sweatheart top with a solid skirt and tulle ruffle.

This one has a slit skirt and off the shoulder straps. (please note: the decorative metal button was an additional $2.00)

Victorian Dress: $22.00  This dress can have any of the above 'tops'. The skirt is puckered and drawn up to reveal a lacey underskirt.

You can see other exaples of clothes I've made here: