The items listed below are specifically designed for A-Line MiniFee small busted girls but should  fit similarly sized slim MSDs. Check here for MNF sizing if you are unsure: LINK
Please note - costs do not include shipping or insurance. I will calculate those charges after you order. (Be assured, I do NOT inflate shipping costs - I charge you what envelopes, postage and ins. costs me, nothing more) Also note - if you choose not to get ins., I am not resp. for lost or damaged packages. You can see what fabrics I have in stock on the "Fabrics" page. Remember, you get a $2.00 discount if you send your own gently used fabric !!!

Pajama Sets:   $24 - sweat pants with decorative eyelet holes (use your favorite ribbon for fun) and your choice of either a short or long sleeved top. Examples of two sets I recently made from recycled fabric:
sweats and shirts alone are each $12

Examples of shirts I've made: (all with recycled clothing)

Halter Top:  $12 - Great to use as a summer top or bathing suit top.
Halter with extra 'tummy covering' fabric is $15

Cargo Pants:   $27 - These have decorative pockets, hammer loop and mid length detailing.

Jeans/Pants:   $25 - These have decorative pockets and close in the front with a single snap.  Example is an old pair of my mom's jeans:

Example is made of a gently worn pair of kids pants:

Mini Skirt: $10  They are made to hug the hips. They close in the front with a single snap.

Cross Over Dress: $22 - the top crosses over the bust and ties behind the neck. There is also a single snap.

Boyfriend's Tee: $11.00  Made oversized.

Zippered Sweatshirt:  $30


Simple: $20

Swallow Tails: $25

Attached Top: $25

Bustier: $18  I can now make this for small or large bust 

Sheerling: $30.00 This coat is of a SUPER soft fabric that feels like suede on one side and fleece on the other. The coat is big enough to be worn over a long sleeved shirt so long as the fabric is not too thick. You may have trouble with a sweater. The buttons are decorative and are selected at random by me - I promise to use only those I believe compliment your coat. (you may choose silver or gold/brass tone)
I have brown with cream (above), charcoal with charcoal(above) and buff with cream available.