The items listed are specifically designed for PukiFee but will fit Lati Yellow and should  fit other similarly sized tinies. Check here for PKF sizing if you are unsure: http://dollfairyland.com/infodesk/banner.php?number=60
Please note - costs do not include shipping or insurance. I will calculate those charges after you order. (Be assured, I do NOT inflate shipping costs - I charge you what envelopes, postage and ins. costs me, nothing more) Also note - if you choose not to get ins., I am not resp. for lost or damaged items.

Please see the fabric page to see what I have available.
Sundresses: $15.00  Below are a few samples of sundresses I've made. You can mix and match, just  let me know which style top and bottom you are interested in - Dresses can be made with or without a bottom ruffle. (Ruffle is $1.50 extra, whether you want long or short.)

Halter: This dress has two ribbons that come from the middle and tie behind the neck. 

Straight  top:  These dresses have ribbon straps and button accents. (no extra cost for buttons)

Full top: This dress has a closed top, a long skirt and a short ruffle at the bottom.
Arched top:  This dress has a slightly rounded top with no straps (you can chose to have ribbon straps at no cost) a short skirt and a large bottom ruffle.

Sweetheart top:  This dress has ribbon ties that come from the sides to tie behind the back and a lace ruffle.

Tunic Dress:  This dress is fully lined and has two button accents.

example with ruffle but no buttons.

Fairy Dress: $20.00  These dresses have tulle under or over skirts, ribbon accents and such. They close with a single back snap.

Corsette Dress: $25.00  These dresses have a waist that cinches with hand twisted wire loops, ribbon or string. They can have a sweetheart top or off the shoulder lace/ribbon straps. They can have a solid skirt or slit skirt, like drapes and a tulle underskirt.

example of dress with ribbon straps and a slit skirt.

Footie PJs: $20.00  they have a little (non functioning) flap in the back ;)

You can see other examples of dresses I've made here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mousesnook/sets/72157624488959264/