Ban's Salon - Faceups Mods Tats

Below you will see a selection of faceups, mods and tattoos that I have done. 
I use all artist quality supplies: Liquitex Matte Medium and Varnish (applied with an airbrush), pastels, acrylics, thinners and gloss.

Please Note: I may post pics of finished works to this site or flickr.

ALSO: I will be taking a $5, non-refundable deposit via paypal to secure a slot ... I have had a LOT of people ask me to reserve a spot and then never send their faceplate, which prevents me from accepting another commission. The $5 will be used towards payment of the commission when done - it is not in addition to the cost.

SHIPPING:  You can ship to me however you like but items must be sent back with insurance for the cost of my invoice. Paypal does not cover the sender in cases of lost packages.

$50.00 :Eye Opening with pre-beveled eye-wells.  (all sizes) this is done with a dremel, metal files and a fine sand paper.
$65.00 : Eye Opening with solid resin head. this is done with a dremel, two bevelers (I have 12mm and 14mm), metal files and fine sand paper.
$65.00 : Faceup on blank face.  basic natural faceup on sizes up to, and including, MSD. (I'm not really comfortable working on SD sized heads.) My color palette is limited so I may not be able to do 'fantasy-esque' styles - feel free to ask me.
$55 : Epoxy Elf Ears I do not color match. My product is white, which can be painted over before a faceup is done.
$10.00   : Removal of old faceup please note, I am not responsible for any staining resulting from prior faceup.
$5.00   : Attachment of lashes. I do not have lashes, if you want me to apply them, you will have to provide them.
$15.00  :Mani/Pedi  for YoSd sized dolls or bigger. These are natural looking - blushed nails with white tips and lunula and a coat of gloss.
    ?       :Tattoos depends on size, detail, color etc. (PM me for more info)
$10.00 :Earring holes cost is for one set

Details... you are responsible for shipping both ways. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged packages, it is STRONGLY suggested you get insurance. 

Don't be bashful, if you have a question just ask (

You can see more examples on my Flickr Page


Lillycat Lana

Iplehouse FID Bichun

Lillycat Lana

PKF Bonnie

PKF Soso - full faceup (teeswater wig)

LTF Mio - eye opening and full faceup (alpaca wig) 

PKF Nanuri '16 - full faceup and slight eye mod

JID Sierra

RLF Pano - eye opening and full faceup

PKF Cony - eye opening and full faceup

LTF Pupu - mouth modification and full faceup

Realfee Soso

Realfee May

Realfee Pano with fang mod

Realpuki Pupu faceup

MNF Mirwen: full faceup

full mani-pedi for MNF

Earring holes in my MNF Rheia

RealPuki Pupu: Faceup and clay horns

RealPuki Roro: Faceup

MNF Chloe VE:  modded open the sleeping eyes and full faceup.

PKF Ante: full faceup

BeWithYou Paprika - YoSd

SID Claude: faceup 

MNF Karsh: I closed her eyes with epoxy sculpt, then re-opened them and gave her a faceup

JID Jerome: I modded his eyes slightly then gave him a faceup and brow ring

PKF Zoe: eye opening (you can see her in xhanthi's flickr stream - this is Finn!)

Eugenie (Lillycat sculpt): slight eye mod & faceup

Tattoo: wing on inner forearm of my JID

MiniFee Karsh OE mod and sleeping faceups

LittleFee eye opening on sleeping head with default faceup and touchup

JID Jerome - full faceup, arm and side tattoos

Tattoo on MiniFee foot

Minifee Shushu - eye opening on sleepy head and full faceup

Minifee Rheia - eye opening on sleepy head and full faceup

JID Boris: slight eye mod and full faceup

MNF Siean: full faceup and earrings

MNF Woosoo : full faceup

Realpuki Kaka: full faceup

Realpuki Soso: full faceup

Pukipuki Darjeeling :  full faceup

MNF Rheia: eye opening and ear mod

Realpuki Pupu: faceup

MNF Mirwen: faceup

JID Owen: faceup

MNF Shushu - full faceup

Tan MNF Rheia - full faceup and ear piercing

RP Pupu - eye opening
 Realpuki Kaka faceup

 Realpuki Popo faceup

Realpuki  Pupu

 LTF faceup

MNF Chloe eye opening and faceup

 MNF Celine
 Realpuki Aki
RP Aki eye opening and faceup

Luts Mytyl

PKF Juri

RP Toki OE faceup & Sleepy head eye opening and faceup