Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've got too many clothes for my MNF girls so I'm getting rid of some stuff I don't need. All items are $5 plus shipping (anywhere) Some items are prototypes, some are made out of recycled clothing, some have slight imperfections but all are worth $5! I you want to see an item on - just let me know and I'll take a pic, I've got a large and small busted MNF.

Click images to see better:
Olive green cargo pants: prototype - pockets are edged with fray stay.
Jeans: pockets are real but not functional - sewn shut
Black Cords:  functional pockets - there is nothing wrong with these, I just didn't like them on my girls after I'd made them and I'm too lazy to list them on Etsy...

Black dress with pink flowers: made out of a recycled baby dress - nothing wrong, just not my girls' style
Black dress with white flowers: was made for my daughter's Bobobie Mei but fits my MNF - not their style either

Pink top: made of recycled PJs - nothing wrong
Black top: new fabric - nothing wrong
Tan top: new fabric, minor stitching error around neck
Taupe top: made of a recycled stretchy sweater - it looks out of shape off but fits nicely

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